About The Medicall

Walking is man's best medicine aliquet.

eMediCall is ‘Virtual Doctor for a Patients’ a Cloud Based Application.

Fully Digitized, PayinTech Cashless , Electronic Documents, HIPPA Compliant, Un-Alterable Communication, Multilingual, Patient Controlled and Owned Data and Content, Shared by other Doctors if needed to Review.

Avoid Repeated Lab Tests, Avoid Altering of Patient Medical Records, Proof of Medical history etc...


Our Objectives are to ensure Healthcare accessibility to consumers, which is simple, transparent and available anytime/anywhere –

Welcome to eMedicall 

eMedicall is a brand that provides quick online doctor consultation for all. Healthcare reach has always been a challenge across the globe and especially in India.
We understood Healthcare accessibility and affordability should be one of the basic tenets available to all human beings.
This needs to be simple, transparent and trustworthy. eMedicall as an idea was built on this!​


To contribute to health and well-being of every patient by providing the best Healthcare services while redefining the Patient –
Doctor interaction delivered on digital technology platform and processes, so that people live happier, healthier and lead more productive lives.  .

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