Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is eMedicall & What Services are provided by eMedicall?

    eMedicall is Online Consultation Around The World, clean and high quality care. Using eMedicall services through the web/mobile app, one can avail either video/audio consultations, chat with an expert general physician, get investigations done, obtain prescribed medicines, update their health profiles, or view all their medical records through EHR anywhere and anytime!

  • 2. Who can use eMedicall services & Can I get a doctor of my choice?

    eMedicall can be used by anyone with a secure identification process. At the same time, you can also book appointments here on behalf of your children who maybe under 18 years of age, eMedicall is an Online Doctor Consultation Platform. We assure standardization of our quality services to deliver satisfied consultation to the end user. All our doctors are highly qualified & experienced in treating your medical concerns in the most efficient manner.

  • 3. How fast can I connect with the doctor by using your App?

    Using our Mobile App, you can get connected to a doctor within fifteen minutes from anywhere (through mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop with network connectivity)!

  • 4. Do I need Internet Connection to use eMedicall services?

    Yes, you need an Internet connection to book any kind of consultation – audio/ video call or chat. Internet connection is essential for the purpose of booking a call.

  • 5. Can I avail eMedicall services outside India?

    yes eMedicall services available around the world.

  • 6. How is my personal Health information stored?

    All information concerning appointments and medical records are subject to strict confidentiality, which are in accordance with the legal framework. Only the information that you update in your Health Profile, and the prescriptions provided by the consulting doctors are available for viewing and can be seen in ‘My CaseDetail.

  • 7. How do I get an appointment? What happens if I miss my appointment?

    Doctor can Schedule Appointment for patient as per his convenience , Waiting Appointment Connects you to the doctor in the immediate next available time slot within 15-30 minutes. If you miss an appointment, you can check the immediate time slots for doctor consultation that are available. Subsequently, you can also book an appointment. Since eMedicall is a subscription model, you can avail unlimited doctor consultations for your subscription period.

  • 8. How do I keep track of my medical records?

    After completion of consultation call, the doctor generates a prescription, which gets updated to your medical records. In case of a chat, you always have access to the chat history.

  • 9. Can I book two appointments for two of my family members at the same time, using the same account?

    Unfortunately, you cannot book both the appointments at the same time from the same account. Instead, you can schedule the appointments at two different timings.

  • 10. If a patient is not satisfied with first doctor e-consultation, then what would be the second option?

    As we follow a set protocol for treatment with a group of highly qualified and experienced doctors, we assure only the best quality of treatment. However, in the unlikely event where you are not satisfied after the consultation, you can book another consultation where you’ll be assigned another doctor. After every consultation, your medical history is updated so that the subsequent doctor can take off from exactly where the previous consultation had ended.