eCollegeSystem supports features and services such as classrooms, courses, batches , bulk mails, reporting and notifications to its internal users, and address the needs of students, faculty, immigration officer, registrar, finance and other requirements.

The product used to support the students to interact with faculty and students in his/her classroom. eCollegesystem provides support for messaging, interfacing and other standards.

eCollegeProduct is a comprehensive suite of modules for SIS & LMS functionality, approval work-flows, and alert engine along with security, transaction auditing, tracking, escalation and routing features with integration abilities, which can help in smooth integration with other systems to form a comprehensive solution with desired level of security, login authentication and integration. eCollege uses a variety of technologies and standards to provide integration and interfacing between heterogeneous Systems. eCollege uses the components implemented in php and related technologies. This allows eCollege to adapt to the needs of scalability, security, infrastructure and System environments.

The purpose of this manual is to assist the users to familiarize themselves with the axis eCollege System and to help them use it in an effective manner. It provides conceptual information about the System and step - by - step task instructions. This manual is divided into sections and sub sections based on different tasks to be performed on the eCollege System.